Matt Lockwood is the Boy.

Matt starred in The Residents on Channel 4 and Being April on BBC1 alongside Pauline Quirke. He has appeared in The Bill, London's Burning and Casualty, and many stage productions.

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Andy McQuade is Grampa.

Andy has starred in the stage productions of Reservoir Dogs, Kiss of the Spiderwoman and K-Pax amongst many others. He previously appeared in prosthetics as Death in a sit-com about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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Somerled Mackay is Pa.

Somerled has appeared in several stage and tv productions and recently took the title role in the superhero movie Nightwolf.

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Anna-Marie Wayne is the Girl.

Anna-Marie has starred in many stage, tv and film productions, appearing alongside Jenny Agutter in the British feature Number One Longing, Number Two Regret. She has recently moved to Los Angeles.

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Lindsey Mack is the Caller.

Lindsey has starred in many stage productions including regular tours in Willy Russell's Blood Brothers, and as the villainous Captain Townsend in Courtenay the Musical. As well as appearing in BBC1's Doctors, he is a director of Forum Theatre.

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